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Our Services

Retail Security

Retail thefts by customers and inimical employees cost billions of dollars per year. We have expertise in advising control measures, strategies along with physical deployment of security guards to help business organizations, warehouses, shopping complexes and restaurants to cut their losses and keep their   prices low for customers.

Peronnel Security Guards

Safety is a very crucial component for businesses of all sizes and creates a safe and secure environment for employees, clients and assets. Hiring a competent private security company provides   round-the-clock protection and constant monitoring. 


If any business organization looking for top-notch security   services that give   peace   of mind, contact MEZZAN SECURITY. Our highly trained teams are available 24/7 for any assignments.

Events Security

The primary aims of event security are to ensure the safety of attendees and staff while protecting property. Security at events may be required to deal with all sorts of different scenarios including attacks, injuries, damage to property, crowd control, fans looking to cause mischiefs, fire and stampedes. 


MEZZAN security services have expertise in conducting a whole gamut   of   security   services including high - level strategy through   threat and risk assessment and planning to secure the entire event.

Corporate Security

Making sure that a business has corporate security in its place is essential for the success of any company.  Protecting business data, as well as business premises, is most important for a successful organization. Failure to have robust security in place can cause revenue loss and a damaged reputation. We can play an important role to mitigate risk by preparing risk management, crisis management, corporate governance, information security, personal security, crime detection, crime   prevention, fraud deterrence, physical security, investigation and environment, health and safety.

Bank or Court Escort

Banks and courts are one the most essential services in our society. Security escort will maintain the order and authority of the state. Banks have to order cash and when such delivery is made, a layer of well-trained security is needed. Having MEZZAN security services overseeing the delivery is most secured and guaranteed protection to outside interference and that all cash will be delivered as it should be.

Construction Security

Vandalism and theft cost the construction industry billions of dollars lost every year. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure there is adequate protection to the construction   site by   employing a combination of approaches including active and passive security. A key component to securing a construction site is to deploy well competent security company and MEZZAN security services fit the complete bill with adequate experience, knowledge, and state of art surveillance systems.

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