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Your protection is our Business


Services Offered

Security Room


We provide security risk management services, security risk assessment, security risk prevention, and risk management security for businesses operating in highly volatile regions and complex environments. We help our clients in visualizing, anticipating, mitigating security threats through cost-effective control measures and procedures.

We carry out detailed reconnaissance, assess and anticipate threats, and ensure that our client’s assets and concerns are taken care of. Our security personnel is highly trained to deal with all kinds of adverse situations. If you find your business in a high-risk zone, feel free to contact us round the clock.

Security Cameras


Our intelligence and information teams are former members of military /police/intelligence services who have decades of experience and detail understanding of all kind of environments and threats. Under whatever environment you are operating, we have the skill and expertise to provide you with detail informed assessments to help you support your business decision-making.

Security Guard in Uniform


We believe in reducing the risk for an organization through protection by prevention whereby ensuring that your organization has effective plans in place, including emergency preparedness, clear role, and responsibilities to protect employees, assets and organization reputation. We work closely with our client to develop a crises management response procedures and drills that are tailored to specific details of our client’s business.


We Believe in Safety for Everyone


About Mezzan Security Services

MEZZAN Security Services, a vertical of Kuwait-based MEZZAN HOLDINGS GROUP,  affiliated with  Qatar Star Services, a leading group in Qatar, provides proactive security services with cutting-edge solutions and smart technology to deliver integrated security solutions to clients on time and on budget. Our staff and guards are composed of security professionals who possess security backgrounds of all nations institutionalized security institutions- Army, Police and Intelligence agencies. We follow best practices expected in the field of security matters and are supported by a team that is highly motivated, competent with the intent to keep the interest of our client uppermost.


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Mezzan Security Services

Almana Petrol Station, Near Midmac Round About Salwa Road, Doha Qatar.

Tel. No.:       +974-40354222
Fax No.:       +974-44121598
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